Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hello... is it fashion you're looking for?!

I'm going to take a rough estimated guess that I am one out of the 11,563,001 (may have been a little generous) fashion bloggers in the whole world. Whether it is Great Britain to the USA, China to Milan or even Paris to India... there are so many of us giving off tips, the best new season's styles, fashion week photo's, Vogue and Bazaar covers and much more to showcase our love for all that is fashion.
Anything from a 99p vintage old skirt which needs a bit of tweaking or a £5,995 dress from Alexander McQueen can be transformed into something out of this world. All that IS needed of course is a bit of inspiration and invention.

Talking about invention...
Clothing + Shoes + Handbag + Hair + Accessories = the perfect mix in the perfect cauldron.
As long as you are in the know, and are up for not sticking to the norm, then fashion is the perfect thing.

This blog is going to be full of my fashion idols, my own looks, my favourite looks , my own photography, journalism and everything else which relates!
Keep a look out for new posts hopefully happening weekly!


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