Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Monday, 9 April 2012

easter bunny :B

Easter is normally for chocolate eggs, but I must admit, this year I haven't had one on Easter it self :-( completely guttering! I remember being a child and getting not one, not two, but 14 Easter Eggs a year. I don't know how I haven't turned into a hippo, but I'm not going to jinx it now!

Anyway, thought I'd give you some quick bunny pictures - or should I say non explict bunny pictures - none of this 'fancy dress business'. No, just a pair of bunny ears, and a spring/summer outfit. Enjoy!

Top, Dress - Primark
Shoes - Peacocks


Saturday, 7 April 2012

lets not talk about mtv, i don't even want to start, i want to take a look at classic rock radio, we're talking about the state of the art

Okay... the main reason for this post is because two of the items I am wearing in the post are BRAND SPANKING NEW! I couldn't wait to try them on and get some decent photo's! Unfortunately I left my beautiful Canon 600D at home so the quality is not too good I'm afraid :( and I also do not have a photographer so I couldn't find a good area to take some shots so this is also going to have to do, sincere apologies!!!!!

Anyway, I have been lusting after this MTV top for what seems like months now and when I saw River Island were having a 50% off sale, I JUMPED at the chance. Not expecting I would find this top, I actually did, for no more than ten English pounds! BARGAIN!

I also purchased the shoes today as I work in Primark and saw many people buying them, and as soon as I scanned them for the first person and they went through at £8! I thought to myself, I MUST get myself a pair... and I did exactly that!

Anyway, hope all of you are all having a brilliant Easter, please follow the blog and leave your blog's too so I can have a stalk and also maybe even a cheeeky follow!
Would be much appreciated! 

Top - River Island
Shoes, Leggings - Primark


Friday, 6 April 2012

club nights for under 16's by Leroy Allen

Hey guys, just a quick post here...
where I live is a small town in the North East of England, unfortunately there is not much going on around there so any opportunity which is thrown we prey on!

A teenage boy living in the area has been working on becoming into his own business and putting his own ideas forward since the age of 12 which is extremely motivational! He is an inspiration to me at only the age of 16 he has managed to host his own nights in the North East labelled 'FabrikEvents'.

Please if you could, could you take 30 seconds at most out of your time to vote for this guy and help him to pursue his event label providing for club nights for under 16's.

Club Nights are only bringing young teens together and giving them something to do and enjoy in the area.

Visit the Facebook

talk that talk!

I am completely and utterly devoted to Rihanna... creepy as it may sound I actually am! Many disagree with her ways saying she's suppose to be a role model and giving off the wrong vibe to her younger fans, but to be honest, if she wasn't acting the way she was... would she really be getting all this attention?! The truth in my opinion is YES. She has a figure anyone would die for and is absolutely beautiful, I don't know a man that doesn't find her attractive!!

So when I heard the news that she had collaborated with Giorgio Armani on a new collection including her fashion ideas, I was ecstatic! Rihanna PLUS one of the most influential designers on Earth, yes please, let me into that! After roaming around I was able to find a couple illustrations (eeeep!) and also... wait for it! The actual finished products of the garments, omg omg omg! They are amazing.

I have also heard news that Rihanna is coming up with her very own fashion line/label and should be on the way shortly when she has found someone she can trust to work with her!

But for now, I shall let your mouths water over these pieces and I also handed in a few less pricey garments to those (us) who cannot afford the big bucks! Enjoy... and let me know what you think!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

princess lips

If there was a time where it would come to saving only ONE make-up product and ONE only, it would definitely come down to a lip product, nothing else even compares! I mean fair enough my skin would probably end up looking completely white due to severe lack of foundation and my eyelashes will never be able to be worked to their full ability ever again and that's not even mentioning the brows! ...but a beautiful lip colour will ALWAYS hands down be able to make any outfit glow and shine without any other spot of make-up!

I haven't made a post like this before and tested out a product but one of my most recent buys (which I also wore in my "walking in a spring-time wonderland" OOTD) is my Lip Lacquer Crayon from Barry M, as it is SO new, I haven't actually managed to properly wear this out in public yet. I am waiting to save it for a special occasion such as a night out because it is more of a vibrant colour than I usually opt for during day time.

As the product is shaped like a crayon (hence the name...) it glides onto your lips and gives a flawless finish, because of the glitter inside of the product, it makes the product look really shimmering and glossy, this however is completely different when it comes to the feel on your lips! In fact, it does not feel glossy at all, you can barely feel it is there apart from the occasional lip-smack where it feels just a little bit sticky (like any normal lip gloss would).

The only thing I would say is to be careful how much is applied so that it doesn't run into the outer area around your lip as this causes severe smudges when trying to remove!

As this is a new range of products for Barry M, I definitely wanted to pick a bold colour, and this apart from red was definitely that! I absolutely adore this buy, and will definitely be investing in more colours so I can wear them during day AND night! I highly recommend this product!

You can find the exact one I am wearing here: Lip Lacquer Crayon No. 4 in Party Pink as well as many other shades!


brick by boring brick...

What girl doesn't adore shopping? If any girl was to say that any type of clothing/shoe/jewellery OR make-up store wasn't a girls best friend then there is something definitely wrong going on inside of their minds!! Triple S is one of my favourite stores that I tend to visit often, and after my mam purchased me this cuteeeest little play-suit ever, I automatically fell in love! The weather was absolutely freezing today and we took these quick shots JUST before I boarded my train back to University as I have to go work! (so sorry about the quality and the slanty-ness)... but I was determined to get some good photo's of this to show it to you, so here you go! My little navy blue play-suit!

Play-suit - Triple S
Cardigan, shoes, socks - Primark


the VERY fashionable miss fearne cotton

Okay now I know my outfit is absolutely horrific, but honestly when I first arrived at BBC Big Weekend in Carlisle, I actually did look rather okay until the weather was terrible and nothing was going right! Then it all changed... 'MEET AND GREET WITH FEARNE COTTON!' I saw the sign say, my face lit up! Wow! Not only do I have love for Fearne Cotton because of her fabulous style for Very but everything else! I mean... this picture explains all, look at that hat!! I had to stop myself from dragging it off her head (sounds rather violent...). Okay, but this was definitely one of the best days of my life, Fearne looked amazing and she was so down to earth it was unreal!!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

gimme gimme gimme

1. i know christmas is over and it is normally the festive and all things 'glitter' season, but i cannot resist these beautiful princess wedge glitter heels! (from Schuh - £68)

2. i have been after this dress for ages, but due to lack of dollar and being the poor of poor students, I still have not been able to bagsy it! one day!!!! (from Ark Clothing - £25)

3. i have tried every single foundation possible, and Dainty Doll is something I have been dying to get my hands on. As for getting the nickname Casper, I believe myself to be the same color or should we say - shade of white - as Nicola Roberts and her make-up collection is in desperate need! (Dainty Doll Foundations - £22/Eyelashes £7.50)

4. i am a HUGE fan of Nirvana, and the amount of merchandise whether it being tees, books, hoodies or their albums has been astonishing. I believe this cute little number would definitely make an appearance when I hit Benidorm this summer! (from Urban Outfitters - £15)

5. "Green?!!!!!" I hear you shout. Let me let you into a secret (incase you don't know already) this little beauty is magical - literally! - Although you may think it would make you look like a Shrek wannabe or something out of Wicked, infact... this green lipstick glides across your lips giving you a beautiful pink shade! I want, I want!!!! (from Barry M - Green Lip Paint £4.49)


walking in a spring-time wonderland

Okay weather... I know sometimes you can be a bit out of date, but this time, you have really outdone yourself! Snow in Spring?!This is obsurd! I nearly got a tan (well when I say tan, I mean severely sunburnt) last week due to weather being like somewhat in Greece. Please, please, PLEASE make up your mind! I've only just tucked away my wellies, big jumpers and earmuffs only for you to tell me they may need to make another reappearance?! Anyway, I took this unusual spout of weather to my advantage and decided to try and bring my spring wardrobe together with my winter one! Enjoy!
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - (real life cricket jumper)
Lips - Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon No. 4
Hair - Stargazer Shocking Pink
Socks - Primark


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Born to Die for...

Lana Del Rey has quickly became my biggest style/lady crush ever. As soon as I was aware of her video for 'Born to Die' and watched several interviews about the girl herself, I automatically knew she was going to be a huge impact in the fashion industry.

Already she has managed to bag herself the cover and a spread in the March 2012 British Vogue and it is fair to say she has one of the best bodies I have ever seen, and I am guessing you all agree with me on that one!

I absolutely adore her quirky and playful side as well as how she puts everything together, it's extremely polished, but then when her elegant and sleek personality appears, she's like a completely new person.

After watching countless interviews I have come to see that Lana is forever putting effort into everything she does and I definitely think she will be a fashion icon turning heads for years to come!


Hello... is it fashion you're looking for?!

I'm going to take a rough estimated guess that I am one out of the 11,563,001 (may have been a little generous) fashion bloggers in the whole world. Whether it is Great Britain to the USA, China to Milan or even Paris to India... there are so many of us giving off tips, the best new season's styles, fashion week photo's, Vogue and Bazaar covers and much more to showcase our love for all that is fashion.
Anything from a 99p vintage old skirt which needs a bit of tweaking or a £5,995 dress from Alexander McQueen can be transformed into something out of this world. All that IS needed of course is a bit of inspiration and invention.

Talking about invention...
Clothing + Shoes + Handbag + Hair + Accessories = the perfect mix in the perfect cauldron.
As long as you are in the know, and are up for not sticking to the norm, then fashion is the perfect thing.

This blog is going to be full of my fashion idols, my own looks, my favourite looks , my own photography, journalism and everything else which relates!
Keep a look out for new posts hopefully happening weekly!