Wednesday, 4 April 2012

gimme gimme gimme

1. i know christmas is over and it is normally the festive and all things 'glitter' season, but i cannot resist these beautiful princess wedge glitter heels! (from Schuh - £68)

2. i have been after this dress for ages, but due to lack of dollar and being the poor of poor students, I still have not been able to bagsy it! one day!!!! (from Ark Clothing - £25)

3. i have tried every single foundation possible, and Dainty Doll is something I have been dying to get my hands on. As for getting the nickname Casper, I believe myself to be the same color or should we say - shade of white - as Nicola Roberts and her make-up collection is in desperate need! (Dainty Doll Foundations - £22/Eyelashes £7.50)

4. i am a HUGE fan of Nirvana, and the amount of merchandise whether it being tees, books, hoodies or their albums has been astonishing. I believe this cute little number would definitely make an appearance when I hit Benidorm this summer! (from Urban Outfitters - £15)

5. "Green?!!!!!" I hear you shout. Let me let you into a secret (incase you don't know already) this little beauty is magical - literally! - Although you may think it would make you look like a Shrek wannabe or something out of Wicked, infact... this green lipstick glides across your lips giving you a beautiful pink shade! I want, I want!!!! (from Barry M - Green Lip Paint £4.49)



  1. just found your blog hun and i love it!
    you're gorgeous <33
    wanna follow eachother?

  2. I have the barry m green lipstick, I've lost it but its pretty good. It really does stay on all night but be careful when you apply it because it smudges a lot.

    Lovely blog x