Saturday, 7 April 2012

lets not talk about mtv, i don't even want to start, i want to take a look at classic rock radio, we're talking about the state of the art

Okay... the main reason for this post is because two of the items I am wearing in the post are BRAND SPANKING NEW! I couldn't wait to try them on and get some decent photo's! Unfortunately I left my beautiful Canon 600D at home so the quality is not too good I'm afraid :( and I also do not have a photographer so I couldn't find a good area to take some shots so this is also going to have to do, sincere apologies!!!!!

Anyway, I have been lusting after this MTV top for what seems like months now and when I saw River Island were having a 50% off sale, I JUMPED at the chance. Not expecting I would find this top, I actually did, for no more than ten English pounds! BARGAIN!

I also purchased the shoes today as I work in Primark and saw many people buying them, and as soon as I scanned them for the first person and they went through at £8! I thought to myself, I MUST get myself a pair... and I did exactly that!

Anyway, hope all of you are all having a brilliant Easter, please follow the blog and leave your blog's too so I can have a stalk and also maybe even a cheeeky follow!
Would be much appreciated! 

Top - River Island
Shoes, Leggings - Primark


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