Thursday, 5 April 2012

princess lips

If there was a time where it would come to saving only ONE make-up product and ONE only, it would definitely come down to a lip product, nothing else even compares! I mean fair enough my skin would probably end up looking completely white due to severe lack of foundation and my eyelashes will never be able to be worked to their full ability ever again and that's not even mentioning the brows! ...but a beautiful lip colour will ALWAYS hands down be able to make any outfit glow and shine without any other spot of make-up!

I haven't made a post like this before and tested out a product but one of my most recent buys (which I also wore in my "walking in a spring-time wonderland" OOTD) is my Lip Lacquer Crayon from Barry M, as it is SO new, I haven't actually managed to properly wear this out in public yet. I am waiting to save it for a special occasion such as a night out because it is more of a vibrant colour than I usually opt for during day time.

As the product is shaped like a crayon (hence the name...) it glides onto your lips and gives a flawless finish, because of the glitter inside of the product, it makes the product look really shimmering and glossy, this however is completely different when it comes to the feel on your lips! In fact, it does not feel glossy at all, you can barely feel it is there apart from the occasional lip-smack where it feels just a little bit sticky (like any normal lip gloss would).

The only thing I would say is to be careful how much is applied so that it doesn't run into the outer area around your lip as this causes severe smudges when trying to remove!

As this is a new range of products for Barry M, I definitely wanted to pick a bold colour, and this apart from red was definitely that! I absolutely adore this buy, and will definitely be investing in more colours so I can wear them during day AND night! I highly recommend this product!

You can find the exact one I am wearing here: Lip Lacquer Crayon No. 4 in Party Pink as well as many other shades!


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