Friday, 6 April 2012

talk that talk!

I am completely and utterly devoted to Rihanna... creepy as it may sound I actually am! Many disagree with her ways saying she's suppose to be a role model and giving off the wrong vibe to her younger fans, but to be honest, if she wasn't acting the way she was... would she really be getting all this attention?! The truth in my opinion is YES. She has a figure anyone would die for and is absolutely beautiful, I don't know a man that doesn't find her attractive!!

So when I heard the news that she had collaborated with Giorgio Armani on a new collection including her fashion ideas, I was ecstatic! Rihanna PLUS one of the most influential designers on Earth, yes please, let me into that! After roaming around I was able to find a couple illustrations (eeeep!) and also... wait for it! The actual finished products of the garments, omg omg omg! They are amazing.

I have also heard news that Rihanna is coming up with her very own fashion line/label and should be on the way shortly when she has found someone she can trust to work with her!

But for now, I shall let your mouths water over these pieces and I also handed in a few less pricey garments to those (us) who cannot afford the big bucks! Enjoy... and let me know what you think!


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